Ponderings: Pushing Limitations

I purposely haven’t posted on here for the last few months, as so much has been going on at SMHQ and a degree of anonymity seemed appropriate. After a bit of a rollercoaster 2014 involving a win at the Dukeries, a DNF at DOTH and finally a solid outing at the OCC in Chamonix, I took some time out to assess what was going on with my body. Why I was getting injured so often, why I was struggling to put together a decent block of training, why I was going into every race¬†only half strong and even less confident. I didn’t want to be an occasional racer and I didn’t want to spend so much time on the sidelines. I needed fixing, and permanently. Continue reading “Ponderings: Pushing Limitations”

Race Report: Chamonix 2014, The UTMB’s OCC. Cowbells and Comradery.

The alarm drags me from slumber at 3.30am. I stop it quickly, not wanting to wake the whole apartment. Beside me Nicola stirs, rolls over, and drifts back into a deep sleep. I watch her for a moment and then tentatively tip-toe out of our room and down the corridor, past her parents’ door and into the kitchen. I carefully and quietly brew a pot of coffee and sit at the table to eat the breakfast that Paul had made for me the night before. Other than the occasional clink of spoon against dish, there is no sound.

Continue reading “Race Report: Chamonix 2014, The UTMB’s OCC. Cowbells and Comradery.”