56+1 – Release

It’s running Jim, but not as we know it.

The latest assessment with Pete at APC went well, and a day after my projected layoff ends I have the green light to run again. There are however, conditions.And so this morning I headed out in to the Porter valley for my first effort in two months to run for one minute, walk for four. Run for one minute, walk for four. Repeat this pattern for a total effort of half an hour. img_5623And that was it.

In spite of what appeared to be an absurdly simple session I didn’t feel brilliant. My legs were heavy, my form was sloppy, and my knee felt very worked and tight. But I was out, moving with purpose and actually running. It rained, it snowed, I was cold and I got muddy. And I’ve felt no ill effects since. I’ll take that.

Nothing more now until Sunday, where I’m allowed to run for two minutes and walk for three. Halcyon days indeed. There will be no quick return here, but a considered and careful building of strength and ability to ensure long term health.

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