I’m presently injured, my knee has not responded well following the Kielder Ultra in early April. I’m running, but in the loosest sense of the word. So my focus has switched to drills, strength and mobility work until I can get to a point where my ITB stops tugging at my kneecap and the soreness subsides. I’m also taking the opportunity of the reduced mileage to try to transition back down to a more minimal platform. The backup from the guys down at the Accelerate Performance Centre over the last couple of weeks has been invaluable, and hopefully I’ll be back on track fairly soon. (more…)



I am surrounded by darkness and a mist hangs heavily in the valley, reflecting the beam of my headtorch straight back at me and rendering the route ahead even more of a challenge. I keep the pace steady as the climb continues. Flanked either side by my friends, our heavy breathing lending a tangibilty to the effort we are putting in. A cluster ofΒ tiny spotlights in a cold ocean of black and greys, a common purpose to reach the top of this hill. (more…)

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The sun breaks through the trees on this unseasonably warm November afternoon, offering promises of what lies ahead at the top of the climb. The slow grind up Pilgrim’s Pass is pleasing to my legs, a heavy week of training having not yet had the chance to wear them down too much. (more…)


Racing: Curbar Commotion Fell Race

There were many personal positives arising out of the Curbar Commotion this last weekend, all of which point towards some tangible progress over the last few months. I ran solidly for an hour and four minutesΒ and placed well, given the fast field at the front and my focus on longer slower runs in training. Cutting loose and pushing my body hard made for a nice change, and I felt competitive. (more…)